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Studio M is a haven for those who want to enhance their beauty with permanent makeup and nail art services. My expertise in these areas and my commitment to my clients' satisfaction combine to create an outstanding experience. Book your appointment today and let's create a look that will leave everyone breathless.

Ombré Powder Brows

Ombré powder brows are Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos that give people an option to have the full, fluffy, or defined eyebrows they've always wanted by using natural pigments, that creates a gradient effect on your eyebrows, giving them a soft powdered look.


  Powder brows are suitable for everyone! 

   This technique is focused on creating a more delicate and long-lasting look. It’s similar to the effect you would have from filling your brows in with an eyebrow pencil, but perfectly tailored to your desired shape.


  Ombré eyebrows will last longer, fade better, and keep the skin under your brows healthier. They will fade evenly, be soft at the edges, and will not leave behind any of the blurry gray pigment


Nail Services

Luxury Nail services performed with care.

Services ranging from basic manis and pedis to Acrylic and Gel-x nails. Many add-ons available such as hand-painted designs, charms and encapsulated nails!

Custom Press-On nailz available upon request!

Lip Blush 

Lip blush is non-invasive semipermanent makeup solution designed to enhance the lips color, shape and symmetry while creating the appearance of fuller lips and reducing the appearance of fine lines and aging.

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